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7 subscription boxes to get your hands on during lockdown….

Whether you want to explore a new hobby, get creative or gift to a friend, we have picked out some of our favourite subscriptions boxes to get stuck into.

Montezuma Chocolate 

A taste of Britain’s greatest little chocolate emporium can be bought straight to your home with a box of hand made chocolate. Each delectable box, available as a 3, 6 or 12-month subscription, includes an assortment of Montezuma’s scrummy chocolate bar collections and truffles.  The chocolatiers are also known to include one-off specials created especially for the boxes to mix things up.

Willoughby Book Club

Bookworms will delight at this subscription that will expand out your regular reads. Subscriptions are for either 3, 6 or 12 months and you can select from a variety of genres from contemporary fiction to wellness. Simply answer a series of questions for a tailored subscription personalised to your desired taste. Each month a new and beautifully wrapped title lands on your front door.

Cheese Geek

Cheese lovers will enjoy this curated collection of fine cheeses delivered straight to your door in a swift next day delivery service. Available monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly, the box contains 600g of 4-5 seasonal hard and soft cheeses. Alongside the cheese selection you will find tasting notes, pairing recommendations and a scorecard so you can rate your fave!  Cheese Geek guarantees to never send the same cheese twice over the course of a year so it’s a fantastic chance to try something new with each delivery.

Gadget Discovery Club

Not just one for techies, but for everyday life hacks this box is great!  Quite often you don’t realise you need something until you discover it and this box does exactly that.  Each month recipients receive just one high quality gadget from leading brands such as Philips, Google Home and Samsung that promises to enhance your routine, habit or entertainment.  Available as a 1, 6 or 12-month subscription, this really contains the element of surprise.

The Cocktail Man

Make a cocktail like a pro with the help of award-winning mixologist, The Cocktail Man aka James Vyse, who curates four new cocktails every month utilising the latest trends in the industry. Each month the art-deco style cocktail kits land on your front door containing an exclusive cocktail recipe made from three top shelf spirits, a unique Sliqueur and of course, the garnish.
Subscriptions are available 3, 6 or 12 months.

Bloom and Wild

Flowers make a beautiful gift to give to a loved one, but also are excellent to purchase for yourself to provide some colour and scent to the home that can instantly lift your mood. Bloom and Wild provide a wide selection of seasonal letterbox flower subscriptions designed by their florist

Artisan Bakers Club

For a surprise yummy treat, this monthly box includes everything you need to get cracking with your own delicious blind bake.  Sweet treats such as cakes, cookies and brownies are baked with the included ingredients, recipe cards, and additionally required items such as piping bags and cookie cutters that can be saved and used time and time again.

Keeping it simple, the ingredients are all weighed out ready to use. Keep an eye out for the rarer items planted to introduce new and exotic tastes such as wasabi powder and gold lustre dust!