Baby Tula Explore Carrier

Oh to have gotten our hands on the most beautiful baby carrier we ever did see! No small claim but to wear a stunning, piece of art is up there with the desire to take a walk in a pair of Jimmy Choos. 

This is a review of two halves.  We were recently sent one of Tula’s baby carriers, the Explore to review; and this special version came straight from their very limited edition print range, the Signature Collection.

Tula has garnered a large following when it comes to baby carriers – practical, easy to use carriers that are designed based on research into the very best in ergonomics 

The Explore is a multi-use carrier suitable from newborn up to toddlerhood. Separating the Explore from the Tula carrier line-up is its longevity and the flexibility with the three carry positions – front parent and world facing along a back carrier.  The Explore is actually Tula’s first foray into an outward facing front carrier position, something they haven’t built into any other design.

Baby carriers are excellent options during the early days to maintain close contact with baby while allowing parents the liberty to free up their hands.  Babies from seven pounds are safe to use the carrier.  For newborns it promotes a crouch position with naturally curved back and soft leg openings that encourage an M-formation to allow the spine and hips to develop naturally.

Once babies are stronger, it can be used as a back carrier.  Children like the increased aspect and as they become heavier it’s always good to mix it up a little!  At around the same age they can also view world facing on the front, although this is recommended for shorter periods of time to maintain optimum safety for baby.  Personally we found the back more comfortable for toddlers, especially if they are prone to nodding off. They definitely found this to be more fun, however if you need to keep a watchful eye, then the front position is very handy.

There’s no need for any inserts or pads, instead the carrier expands in height and width depending on the size of your baby’s body and can be tweaked as often as you require.  The head and neck settings are also fully adjustable to provide a strong level of support for your child, from full head support right up to those that want to keep a watchful eye on the world around them.

Aside from the ergonomics, we found babies very contented in the carrier. The deep-padded materials are super strong yet breathable and there are no wires or rigid parts to agitate. 

Ensuring baby is happy is important, however experience has found that testament to a good carrier is in the comfort and subsequent continued use to the wearer. There are lots of adjustable features to find optimum comfort for individual body shape and size. The padded straps and wide waistband don’t just help to evenly spread baby’s weight, but they make the Tula really comfortable.  Chunky touch points ensure the strain from the weight is reduced and taken over the strongest parts of the body. This means that even during longer walks there was the absence of the ‘pulling’ feeling that can frequently drag the body down.

We have to return to the Signature Collection.  These exclusive designs are produced in collaboration with unique artists with very few available in each beautiful design.  Showcasing craftsmanship as it’s finest, the weaving and stitching goes back to the brand’s roots with the designs all made by hand in Poland.  Available in the Explore carrier and select other Tula models, updated designs are released periodically throughout the year, but you have to act fast to get your hands on one! For more information and to see the full range, visit