Big Kids

Brabantia Rotary Dryer

Its approaching summer, schools out and the kids are just full on mischief, which ultimately means my wash basket (and subsequently ironing basket) are over flowing much more than I care to admit!

A week away with grandparents while I troop on with work has ensured my three have had fun aplenty.  I must admit I missed those three little faces while away, but after the initial hugs and kisses upon return, I was less pleased to see a suitcase full of dirty washing!  

Loading up the washer for the fifth time I did a small smile of appreciation.  As the new owner of a Brabantia Rotary Dryer, it has been a lifesaver for my bulk load of washing!

With a huge spike it is easy to set up and is rooted firmly in the ground.  It’s an item that I’ve never properly invested in up to this date, however when I set it up, it became apparent just how much the quality can vary between the simplest of inventions.  While I had been ‘making do’ with an Argos special from years ago, technology and design has clearly moved on. 

Spanning 60cm of drying space, the strong arms are much wider than my last one and I can fit two full loads on without issue, I just needed more pegs for all the small people clothing! 

The real highlight for me is the way in which it moves, I won’t lie, there’s nothing earth shattering in the set up for day to day use, and the umbrella fold is reminiscent of many other rotary dryers, but despite it’s large size it moves so smoothly into the desired positioning without any tangling of loose lines or the need to inject all your energy in to it. 

When hanging the washing out, the dryer gracefully spins round with ease, even when it’s full, which conveniently means I’m not walking round with my basket full to offload (although this is a habit I personally need to break!) 

The tough lines are extra water resistant for durability, and despite all the recent gales, the spike has kept it firmly anchored. When the wet weather has been making an appearance, the handy cover slides easily over the closed dryer and sits snug to protect it from the elements.  Something that’s really important over the winter months when I know it won’t get much use.

It’s the really simple things that often make life easier as a parent.  The quality and design of this rotary dryer is second to none.  Despite a little larger outlay, I have confidence that in years to come we will continue to reap the benefits.

Brabantia has a wide range of dryers including drying racks, wall fixings, freestanding and washing lines.  The Brabantia Rotary Dryer Topspinner starts from £74.  For more information, visit