Elvie Pump

Introducing the Elvie Pump, a single electric pump that utilises ground breaking technology to be named the first silent wearable breast pump. 

In a bid to move away from the noisy and clunky pumps that have their fair share of grumbles over the years, the Elvie promotes pumping on the go thanks to a completely hands free set up that requires no additional bits of kit to get set. 

Opening the box, it’s a cool piece of kit that breaks away from the more traditional-looking pumps and immediately strikes you as less intimidating.  Small and discreet enough to go undetected, the unique pump sits flush and comofrtably within a standard nursing bra without the need for any cords or leads to function.  A decent charge takes up to two hours via the included USB, and this enabled about two hours of usage.  

Affixing the Elvie Pump with nipple shields assist with positioning and minimse any leakages, really important to maintain that discreetness! Once you have it set, there are a couple of pre-set modes that comfortably stimulates milk flow mimicking the movements of a baby. An initial faster action stimulates let-down before making way for longer, more drawn out notions once a flow has been established.

Elvie Pump has several settings to support different speed, intensity and mode of pump action to meet the needs of your body, whether that’s to encourage the increase of your milk supply or keep up with demand.

The benefit of hands free pumping opens up options for mothers to multi-task, especially where some breasts take longer to produce milk, as there’s nothing more frustrating than being sat down while staring at the pile of ironing screaming out to you in the corner!

In addition to being hands free, a big plus point is the minimal noise it makes.  While having your breast out pumping can be an experience in itself, the added suction noises and pumps of the machine can draw the attention of all and sundry!  While you may not want to necessarily pump at work or in public, this is definitely a quieter solution that can assist in making the whole experience a more private affair. 

The companion app is a must and can be downloaded to your phone.  Once installed it is your lifeline with all the essential information and it automatically tracks pumping history for review and monitors changes to your body and your baby’s feeding demand.  

The app also enables remote control and real time updates, ideal to keep things discreet amongst others and to prevent any discomfort in changing up position to check on milk production.  The pump also detects the volume in the pumping bottle and will pause once it reaches capacity until an empty bottle is replaced.

Overall the Elvie Pump is a game changer. Cleverly utilising technology, it is one step further in providing nursing mothers with the ability to discreetly pump wherever they are.

The Elvie Pump includes durable BPA-free and dishwasher-friendly 5oz/ 50ml bottles along with two breast shields to help customise the fit and a charging micro-USB cable. 

Priced £249 from