Little Kids

Frugi Bedding

We’ve been fans of Frugi for some time now.  They’re a Cornish brand started from a mother’s desire to have the very best for her newborn son.  Over the past couple of years they’ve won numerous awards for their premium organic cotton material, fun designs and ethical attributes.

Whenever my children wear Frugi clothing we always receive lovely passing comments from about the items, so when they launched a bedding range last year and added in new designs for this season, we thought we’d give them a try.

My third child is more than a bit familiar with hand me downs, and since being in her own bed, she has taken on her big sisters retired princess bedding. It’s perfectly fine, but with neutral walls in her room, the bedding has the ability to theme and style the room so I have been on the lookout for something that would fit the bill for a while.

We opted for a reversible mermaid design, an extension of the magical Summer of Scillyness range, a collection of fun and bright prints reminiscent of all the things we love about the seaside.  A joyous print of floating mermaids accompanied by colourful fish and sea life, and on the teal reverse, several white block prints of starfish and shells providing a scene of exploration and adventure, a great kick-start for the nightly storytelling at bedtime.

A quick wash and tumble in the machine and we set up the ‘new bed’.  Just touching it, it’s really good quality, thick cotton that is soft and breathable. I appreciate that the quality of the duvet plays a large part (and I should add it’s a fairly new decent quality duvet), but in comparison to her hand me down princess bedcover, this has given the duvet a new lease of life and she asks to be tucked in right up to her chin nightly to feel the softness against her face.

The bedding sets include a printed duvet cover and pillowcase that come in a nice drawstring bag meaning you can easily take it on your travels if you wish. We also had one of the matching fitted sheets so together they make a really strong feature to theme on her room that we will build on over time.  If you want to go the whole hog, matching PJs can also be purchased from Frugi, along with the gorgeous cotton fabrics that can be purchased by the metre enabling you to accessorise and customise add ons such as curtains and cushions.

I adore this bed set, I’ve had a night or two snuggled up in it myself.  It’s beautifully made, super soft and really warming, everything you want for a good night’s sleep for your little ones.

Cuddle-Up Cot Duvet Set £49Sleepy Single Duvet Set £59 Cuddle-Up Cot Bed Sheet £20 Sleepy Single Bed Sheet £25 Cushion Cover £20 | Fabric by the metre £15 per metre