iCandy Orange

The iCandy Orange bridges the gap for parents seeking an investment pushchair vs. futureproof-ability that can grow with their families.  Available as a complete travel system, the iCandy Orange moves away from a traditional single to double and instead embraces the features of a premium single with added double capability. Confused? Read on…


Of course this is iCandy and before I keep gushing, you just know from every pushchair before and every new design that they bring out that their eye-catching style is always going to be one of the top features. The sheer luxe and premium quality of materials is prominent throughout and just screams quality so if this is your thing you’re on to a winner!  The plush woven textured fabrics are beautifully thick to touch, the sleek dark frame is striking, and the leatherette touches accentuate the overall luxurious look and feel.

It’s far from style over substance though and the design has been considerably crafted to offer some unique features.  One of the more distinct elements to the design is the integrated ride on board that is built in to the pushchair frame. Quite the ingenious idea as I don’t know how many times I have kicked a buggy board to my utter annoyance!  Holding up to a weight of 20kg, it’s great for a toddler to jump on board securely and the benefit of the elevator adaptors allow you to move the seat unit back and forth to allow additional space for a sibling ride on.  

Another new add on for the Orange is the seat unit’s canopy which comes with four modes of coverage to get the best out of the unpredictable British weather.  Whether it’s maximum sun protection, cover for snooze time or a little shade from the elements you are, quite literally, covered! Many pushchair canopies can be customised by a simple pull forward or backwards to meet your needs, but these transitional settings ensure the pushchair retains a neat and perfected look.

Aside from all the unique features that come with the Orange, it includes some of the trusted iCandy trademarks that are practical elements to make parents lives easier.  This includes the automatic lock when closed; puncture proof tyres; lie flat carrycot – that can also be safely used for overnight sleeping; accessible and roomy storage basket (big winner for me!) and the telescopic handlebar.


However, we have saved the best for last…the most impressive feature of the Orange is the many configurations that you can mix and match for your ideal set up.  The pushchair comes with a seat unit and a carrycot (big tick for including the carrycot as standard!), and car seat adaptors included (but no car seat sorry!) and with these add ons can produce over 30 different combinations of rear and world facing arrangements.

The tiered cinema-style seating ensures that there’s no ‘bad’ seat in the house reducing any issues requiring compromise.  Less of an issue if you have a younger/older sibling, but for twins it’s these smaller details that really matter.  And for parents, the seating style enables an equal undisturbed view of two children.

Anything else…

There are very few cons to the Orange although it’s worth noting that at full capacity it is a little heavier than some of the other double pushchairs on the market but to operate it retains its swift motion and handles itself well on all terrains, albeit better performance on smoother paths.


Many of us appreciate that the financial investment in to a pushchair is a key factor.  There’s an expectation it will be fit for purpose over time, and if your situation changes then unfortunately this can make your expensive pushchair redundant so this is a great option.  I also love that everything is included within the box including aprons, rain covers, adaptors and not forgetting the handy carrycot for those early days.  Providing so much flexibility, and with a premium style to boot, it provides families with a much welcomed longevity.

Need to Know

The iCandy Orange Pushchair and Carrycot is priced £875 and available in some fantastic vibrant colourways. For more information, visit