Micralite ProFold

For a convenient, lightweight stroller that fits in with adventurous lives, the Micralite ProFold is a great option.

Carefully crafted this pushchair weighs in at just 7kg, a very reasonable weight for a stroller.  The other standout feature is the compact nature of the stroller, it’s impressive while folded, but the open footprint is also considerably narrower than many traditional options.

As a folded unit it measures in at around 50cm x 45cm can free stand if required.  The ProFold easily fits into the boot of any vehicle, packs away neatly in the home and is cabin approved with many major airlines, meaning it’s small enough to fit in the overhead baggage compartment. We loved this feature as it ultimately says goodbye to handing over your stroller at the gate so that you can walk on with it, and then on the opposite end have it to hand immediately making life easier when going through security and passport control without a babe in arms and worrying about where on earth your stroller has disappeared to.

Having reviewed many travel strollers over time, they can often be of poor quality and lack stability and strength, however the ProFold doesn’t really compromise on these key areas.  The chassis has a more solid structure combined with the added suspension that gives a decent level of strength and instigates a confidence in manoeuvrability on varied terrains, even with a large toddler. 

The ProFold’s purpose and design is focused on ease and simplicity which definitely extends to the fold – there’s a bit of a knack to it but you can easily extend the stroller in one swift motion as you throw it open in literally a second.  The one hand fold is just as stress-free, albeit not quite as quick!

While the compact stroller doesn’t offer up all the bells and whistles and flexibility that you’d expect from a travel system, it does have a good level of flexibility compared to its competitors when it comes to travel strollers.  The chair can recline in any position to a near lie-flat point; the footrest has a couple of positions and the canopy is fully extendable.  

All the stroller’s fabrics are very durable; they are waterproof featuring a protective UPF50+.  Included in the box is also a storm proof cover for added coverage.  

There are also some handy little pockets dotted across the pushchair, a nice thought for storing your essentials close to hand.  And the shopping basket is also a generous size, deep and enclosed to keep your items safe and secure.

Suitable from birth up to approx. 3 years it’s a solid stroller that we feel could effectively be used as an everyday option, especially for parents in busy cities that are regularly using public transport, navigating tight spaces and have less storage space.  Likewise, it is an excellent option we’d recommend for any adventure at home or abroad thanks to it’s impressive lightweight and compact features.

Priced £225 from