If there’s not a day that goes by without your kids referencing their on-going boredom then I clearly need your help!  Not necessarily boredom from nothing to do but more reference to the want to mix things up away from the static printed school sheets.

We recently were introduced to Yodomo, an online learning platform with some interesting courses to solve this issue.  Introducing traditional making skills, children, and adults alike, can discover and learn new and wonderful skills such as sugarcraft, bookbinding, spoon carving and macramé.

Bringing in experts specific to the craft’s skillset, the website clearly outlines a list of equipment and step-by-step instructions.  The instructions are broken down into bite-sized sections with accompanying pictures and videos to support you through the steps one by one.

Yodomo also do kits that include everything you need to complete a course.  All the products within the kits are sourced ethically and as sustainably as possible and come in a small box that can fit through your door.  A nice extra is that all the kits are double wrapped reducing any concerns about transmitting anything harmful from the outside into your home.

Basket Weaving kit

We tried the basket weaving course and kit priced at £29.99. A little scepticism was immediately swept aside once we saw the contents and accompanying course.  Leaving an eight year old to follow the simple instructions, we not only saw a beautiful ornament being constructed, but a real determination within our child that wanted to produce something great to the best of her ability.

The finished product was fantastic, something that now adorns the corner of our living room, and not just because it’s another trinket my child made, but because it genuinely looks good and would be something I’d happily pick up at an artisan craft stall.

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