Little Cooks Co

Sometimes it’s the simplest of things that turn out to be the most fun and we’ve most definitely learnt this in between all the squabbles during lockdown!

Learning new skills and creating activities at home has been testament to honing new talents, uncovering life skills and seeking out adventures like never before.

One of these new discoveries has been Little Cooks Co, the UK’s first healthy cooking kits for kids.  Hot on the trend of subscription boxes, it is a monthly recipe kit that plays nicely into the struggles parents are facing nationwide in entertaining children combined with home schooling outside of the traditional setup.

Recipes include wholesome breakfast dishes, main meals and some sweet desserts.

The Little Cooks Co is environmentally conscious; the boxes themselves are 100% recyclable with compostable packaging.  Inside, there’s a real focus on nutrition and healthy eating so all the dry ingredients boast healthy and wholesome attributes to support a balanced diet.

Recipes are fun and simple and can be undertaken by children from about six years with some loose parental supervision.  The recipes are each set to take no longer than an hour, and depending on the age of your child, this is a fair estimate.  

Each of the recipes are put together by the Little Cooks Co child nutritionist, so some ingredients you’d find in a traditional recipe, such as refined sugars and processed carbohydrates, are substituted for a healthier alternative. 

We made lemon biscuits together in our box.  Handily, all the ingredients are pre measured and you simply follow the clear, step-by-step instructions. While biscuits sound like a pretty standard bake at home item, looking through the box a lot of the organic ingredients weren’t ones I’d ordinarily put into a biscuit so that was interesting to see and taste the substitutes that added a lot of flavour and texture to the finished product.   

The decoration was also really inventive.  Instead of opting for icing or the usual sugar-coated décor, the lemon biscuits featured a textured lemon compote for a really zesty topping that complimented the spiced biscuit beautifully.   

Aside from the baking activity, there’s also a small activity for children to enjoy while the cooking is taking place, a thoughtful addition to make it a well-rounded activity.

For every box purchased from Little Cooks Co a vulnerable child in the UK will receive a healthy breakfast through the brands’ partnership with the charity Magic Breakfast. 

Need to Know

Little Cooks Co Subscription

Month by month (cancel anytime) £12.99 incl postage/3 months (renews after 3 months, cancel anytime) £35.99 incl postage/6 months (renews after 6 months, cancel anytime) £59.99 incl postage/ 12 months (renews after 12 months, cancel anytime) £99.99 incl postage.

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