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7 top tipples to help you celebrate World Gin Day!

We couldn’t let World Gin Day (13 June in case you were wondering!) pass us by without a nod to the drink of the moment.  

Whether you like yours served with a tonic or mixed into a beautifully crafted cocktail, there’s no getting away from the fact that gin is still increasing in popularity, so we picked out some of our favourites to help celebrate the occasion…

Caorunn Gin

Famed for its beautiful, smooth whiskey, Balmenach distillery in Scotland is also home to Caorunn Gin. Made up of 11 botanicals, half of which are traditionally found in gin production, while the other half are locally foraged in the Scottish highlands.  These native ingredients provide subtle sweet, floral notes thanks to a unique blend of local heather, coul blush apple, dandelion and owan berry for a leafy finishing taste.  Caorunn gin is a fantastic medium-weight gin that looks fab in its beautiful bottle.  Priced £28 from Waitrose.

Edinburgh Gin Gooseberry & Elderflower 

Not content with just being the UK’s number one gin liqueur brand, but they have also taken the world by storm. Edinburgh Gin has two new full-strength flavoured gins – Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin and Raspberry Gin. We managed to get our hands on the Gooseberry & Elderflower, a tangy and refreshing blend of tart fruit set against a sweet, more fragrant flower that cuts through the London dry base. Priced £28 from Asda.


Caleño is a gin with a difference – it contains no alcohol. This tropical free-spirit, inspired by Colombia’s colourful, energetic and vibrant culture, ensures that those that don’t want to drink alcohol can still get a taste of an infused creation. 

Blending the natural botanicals of juniper, citrus, spice and Sicilian lemon, it stands up squarely to its alcoholic counterparts! Priced £18 from Sainsburys.

Finders Fruits of the Forest Gin

Finders have recently launched a new range of infused fruit gins including the delectable Fruits of the Forest flavour. Offering up a natural fruity, floral flavour, it is a dry gin bursting with berries for a delicate, yet balanced rich gin.  Ideal in a cocktail! Priced £25 from Masters of Malt.

HMS Mary Rose

One of the newest arrivals to the gin world is the HMS Spirits range of small-batch gins. The Mary Rose gin adopts the characteristics of a London dry but with subtle notes of grapefruit that provide a refined boost to the flavour.  

Blending traditional distilling methods combined with modern flavours, Mary Rose has a well-balanced depth with the perfect richness. Priced £39.50 from Ocado.

York Gin Old Tom

If the tale behind this gin isn’t enough to enrapture you, then the taste most definitely will.  In a bid to create the ‘perfect’ gin, York Gin approached Michelin-starred restaurant, the Starr Inn in Yorkshire, for support in creating its sugar syrup.  Together they took an Old Tom, a Victorian-style dry gin, and with a small amount of herb-infused sugar syrup produced a distinct rich and smooth Old Tom. Priced £36 from Gin Kiosk.

Warners Lemon Balm

For a fresh, vibrant gin that is zinging with a burst of zesty citrus flavours, this Lemon Balm gin is a winner!  The three core botanicals of lemon balm, lemon verbena and lemon thyme, are all grown on the distillery and added to the gin within an hour of harvest to capture the freshest flavours.  While it has a powerful scent, the depth perfectly balances the botanicals of the citric and sweet ingredients to produce a flavourful spirit.  Priced £40 from Warner’s Distillery.

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