Time of the month?

Period pants – not the oversized Bridget Jones knickers that you throw on at that time of the month, but actual period pants that even look like your everyday pairs.

Changing the game when it comes to the dreaded time of the month, if it’s not bad enough that many women have to contend with cramps and hormones, there’s also the daily fuss of keeping on top of personal hygiene, comfort and style. Whether women opt for sanitary towels or tampons, there’s the regular trial and error of ensuring that everything is kept neat and tidy downstairs.

The Cheeky Wipes Period Pants are an effective solution removing the need for tampons or towels making it a more environmentally friendly option and a money saver longer term.  The pants, available in three pretty styles, are designed with absorbent layers of material to absorb blood flow.

You simply wear them as normal and change the pants as regularly as you would with any sanitary option.  We put them to the test and despite a little nervousness to start, confidence soon grew in the ability to withhold and protect throughout the day.  The nice thing is that they don’t look any different to your standard knickers from the outside, they are heavier and thicker to hold owing to the special lining, but once in place are very comfortable.  Once you’ve finished wearing them, it is recommended that you pop them in the machine on a cooler wash, no higher than 30 degrees, and dry them on the washing line.

We feel surprised that there’s not been something so revolutionary bought to our attention before!  These are the perfect pairs to have in your drawer for whenever needed, but even more ideal for young girls starting their periods that are too young for tampons and want something simple and easy to wear while adapting to their body’s changes. New mums will also benefit thanks to the increased comfort they offer; away with the paper knickers and thick liners and instead they are more classic and dignified.

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