Chicco Baby Hug Air

Chicco’s Baby Hug hit the market to some rave reviews.  The unique 4 in 1 design ticks off several boxes making it a practical and value for money offering to new parents in search of a ‘wonder’ product that can’t necessarily do it all, but can do a lot.  

Not resting on their laurels, this year Chicco has gone one step further and introduced a new and improved version of the Hug – the Baby Hug Air.

For those unfamiliar with the Baby Hug, it’s a fantastic all-in-one product that addresses the many needs of a newborn for at least the first couple of years of their lives.  The four settings consist of a crib, chair, highchair and seat.

The crib feature is best used for daytime naps by providing a safe and secure sleeping environment.  The wheels allow parents to discreetly move it about the house without disturbing baby and enable a close watchful eye whether you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen or taking a much-needed rest in front of some daytime TV in the lounge.  

Once your baby is ready to sit at around six months, it transforms into a reclining chair that allows them to start taking in the world around them.  The height adjustable settings are a real selling point as the higher levels provide baby with an excellent view and put them closer to parent.  There’s also a fab electronic toy bar with lights and music that will have them entertained for ages. 

As you start the weaning process the chair lifts to a standard sitting position with foot rest.  We feel that here it really comes into it’s own as a really solid highchair that is comparable to any stand-alone seat and looks good in the process.  Again, the height settings make it a suitable option when you are looking to encourage baby to join the family dining table.  Otherwise additional parts can be purchased to add on a tray table and cover.

Finally once you have an independent toddler, it’s a fun a toddler chair that makes a great addition to a playroom for them to casually use at their leisure.

Picking up where it’s predecessor left off, as the name suggests, the Baby Hug Air has a reinforced focus on the movement of air and space around baby.  While it has retained a very similar look and functionality, one key feature is the mesh panelling that has been worked into the design. 

The benefits of the mesh feature are key to providing a safe space for baby, especially during changing seasons.  The mesh panels allow airflow to effectively rotate around the crib and freely inside it, something that supports with moderating baby’s temperature to retain a cool and comfortable positioning.

The mesh panels also provide increased visibility to parents watching on without the need to stand over or look direct, a handy feature that makes life a bit simpler.

We love this new version of the Hug!  It looks great, performs well and has added safety protection for your little one making it a great go-to baby product.  

The Chicco Baby Hug Air is priced £199.  For more information, visit