Gtech MYO Touch

Sometimes it just feels as though you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Now more than ever, as parents we juggle so much more as we keep up with the demands that seamlessly come in from every angle. If the idea of an in-house masseuse sounds like something on a dream then we’ve caught onto something that can help make it a reality…

The MYO Touch from Gtech is a pop-up, electronic massage bed meaning you can ditch booking in with an expensive therapist or having to travel to a spa, and instead enjoy all the comforts from your own home.   

While the brand might be best known for its cleaning products, Gtech specialise in innovative technology that cover more than just the home with handy products for the garden and to compliment personal wellbeing.   

Gtech MYO Touch

So, how does it work? Reminiscent of a camp bed (ok, exceeding camp bed standards but similar in design), you fold the canvas unit out while underneath a grooved massage roller moves backwards and forwards, depending on the setting, to target the different areas of your body.

Lying on the MYO Touch, it’s an unusual feeling, largely because it is lower than your average massage table or bed, but you quickly get comfortable with the dipped footwell guiding your feet to ensure you’re in the best position to enjoy the massage.

The foam roller can be set at a wide variety of settings.  The height is fully adjustable to intensify the massage providing a deeper or lighter massage; the rhythm can be mixed up; and the target areas can be specified so you’re setting yourself up with a truly tailored programme. 

The settings for each are customisable as the removable pegs simply fix into the track below to adapt the massage to your requirements.  It is a little trial and error but the investment in time is definitely worth it once you find the perfect setting.

Initially we were a little sceptical of its ability to really get into the knots and work the body for an intense massage but it performs well and didn’t leave us disappointed.  Likewise, if you want something more relaxing and gentile you can adjust to a lighter setting.

The foam roller is very strong and works from a different angle than many will have previously experienced (under the body rather than over) so the pressure goes against your body as you lie back and relax.  This provides a more stimulating massage so if you do have some tension spots, it can work the body harder with ease.  

In terms of practicalities, the bed is mains powered and despite some initial concern, is very quiet allowing you to find your inner zen in peace.  It features a cut off feature after 15 minutes so if you do fall asleep then you don’t need to worry.  

Unlike big, chunky massage beds, this lightweight bed can be folded up and closed away in less than a minute making it ideal for storage and to easily transport.

The Gtech MYO Touch is an ingenious product that can support individuals suffering from any niggles, aches and pains or if you’re simply looking to enhance your wellbeing, you can switch off for a few minutes.

Simple to use, a flexible approach and high quality materials will see the MYO Touch around for a long time.  It’s not cheap at a snip under £300, but compared to a handful of visits to a masseuse, longer term it’s clear to see that it’s definitely value for money as a medium/longer term investment.

The Gtech MYO Touch is priced £299.99. For more information and to purchase, visit