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Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station

While you can’t predict the weather, you can most definitely monitor it and work your life around it to try and make things that bit easier.

They say knowledge is power and with the Netatmo Weather Station, it provides detailed insight into all things weather-related to keep you fully informed about the weather exactly where you live.

The Netatmo Weather Station is a two-part unit consisting of an indoor plug-in that provides basic temperature, humidity and CO2 readings from inside the home; while a second unit is placed securely outdoors to record external temperature, air pressure and humidity with further details submitted back to the system’s hub via Wi-Fi connectivity.   

Each unit displays all the basic stats but for the intricate detail, and where we feel this gadget really comes into its own, download the companion app on your smartphone for the full lowdown on the weather.

The view on your phone is split between the two sensors where you can easily swipe across for accurate measurements from both units covering extras such as rainfall, wind direction and speed.  It’s definitely interesting to take stock of all the details as an adult and you’ll be on your way to weather geek status in no time!  Interestingly, it hasn’t just been the adults benefiting from this gadget, we also found it an engaging way to educate the kids about the weather utilising the precision in the data vs. real time aspect by asking them to predict based on what they can see, hear or feel.  

One of the standout features is the ‘feels like’ gauge as this takes into consideration all the current live elements to provide some further context to the thermometer.  I could count the number of times my phone has displayed a decent-looking high temperature only to get caught out at the end of the day as a shivering mess!  Juggling parents trying to always stay one step ahead will appreciate this practical information that inevitably will help make a choice at that split second when you decide to grab all the extra layers (or not) as you walk out the front door!

Your data is stored in the app allowing you to track trends over time if you want to keep tabs on things.  The Netatmo Weather Station also forecasts the weather for up to a week ahead, again with a higher degree of accuracy than the standard forecast you’d obtain elsewhere.

Alerts can also be set up warning you of any sudden changes to the weather, a convenient feature that will give you a nudge if you don’t spot the onset of a heavy shower that could be the difference when it comes to saving your dry washing on the line, or a sudden drop in temperature alerting you to a possible issue with your heating system.

Alerts also advise you of any large changes to the quality of the weather and a traffic light colour code system helps you digest this information in a quick and easy way.  If anyone in the household suffers from allergies this is a really valuable feature that will support decision making around movements for the day/s ahead.

So if you really do love talking about the weather, this is a fab gadget to keep you well informed to ensure you definitely know what you’re talking about!

The Netatmo Smart Home Weather Station is priced £149.99 from

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