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New PATCH bamboo plasters for all skin types

Doing away with plastic and chemicals, new plaster brand PATCH is making its foray in the healthcare world with their brand new range of compostable and vegan-friendly plasters.

Hypoallergenic and plastic free, the brand was born from a severe allergic reaction to a common plaster adhesive.  This issue affects 25% of people worldwide, where the adhesive found in plasters and surgical tapes aggravates the skin.  Prolonged usage of plasters can also cause skin sensitivies prevalent in up to 50% of wearers where a small rash is commonly known to develop.  

To overcome this issue, founder James Dutton, set about creating a brand new plaster strips made from bamboo fibre and enriched with all natural ingredients meaning no plastics, latex or parabens.

The range consists of four different plaster collections that each targets a slightly different problem area thanks to a pre-enriched gauze.  The Natural bamboo for scratches and cuts; Coconut Oil for abrasions and grazes; Aloe Vera infused with the healing planet for burns and blisters and Charcoal with a gauze to draw out impurities and infections from small wounds such as bites and splinters. 

The plasters are really soft to touch with more a textured fabric-feel; yet despite the lack of any chemical-grade sticky aids, they maintain a good grip on skin. 

Our favourite has to be the Coconut Oil for the cute panda design, however the simple style and healing properties make them a great go-to plaster regardless of design. 

All the plasters are also 100% home compostable from the packaging to the sticky plasters themselves, so not just kind to skin but kind to the planet.

The PATCH plasters come in packs of 25 featuring a standard strip shape priced £6.99.  For more information and to find a full list of stockists that include Superdrug and Holland & Barrett stores, visit

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