Little Kids

Yoto Player

Lockdown has been hard on everyone.  There’s no denying we’ve taken the ‘easy option’ more than a few times and given in to extended screen time to entertain our children when quite frankly, we haven’t had enough hands to juggle all the balls that are up in the air.

Technology is great for entertainment, but as parents try to balance this with a desire to encourage their youngsters to delve into their own imaginations, in a world with social media, streaming services and gaming at the touch of a button it can be a tricky road to navigate.

The Yoto Player is a new children’s audio player that helps bring technology and imagination together with fantastic results.

Designed with its young audience in mind, it’s an ingenious way of self-servicing audio books to children.  The design is carefully thought-out to allow children the autonomy to have full control over the system without the need for any parental supervision making it as accessible as a book, even if they are unable to read.

Linking it to a companion app allows parents to keep a tab on the player and also access more content.  It can also be used as a Bluetooth speaker through the app adding to its use.

The system itself is a small, mobile speaker box that entertains with legendary stories from the likes of family favourites Roald Dahl, Enid Blyton, Judith Kerr and Julia Donaldson thanks to audio cards that you simply insert into the top of the box to start the story.

Browsing through the online library of Yoto Cards, the stories are undoubtedly the focus of the system with genres, authors and tales to regale hours of delight to children. There are also cards with educational content such as times tables, music and informative podcasts.  The range on their website continues to grow, and with the option to download lots of free content via the app from Google Play or the App Store, it can always feature something new.

Each of the stories are beautifully narrated with expression and feeling to effectively bring the story to life (look out for some celebrity narrators too!)  There’s something soothing and therapeutic about having a story read aloud, encouraging children to think about what they can hear, to then channel their brain and get creative to keep their imagination up to speed with the narrative.

Unlike many streaming services, you quickly realise there’s no advertisements, no risks of to any inappropriate content or no two-way communications making it a safe and secure technology for complete peace of mind.

In addition to its audio functionality, the box omits a light that can handily be used as a night-light, and a clock display that signals day and night to support establishing a successful sleep pattern.  

It is a fantastic device that can be enjoyed endlessly for young and old!

The Yoto Player is available now and priced £79.99 from