Joie i-Spin 360

I think it’s fair to say with a name like 360, this is a good all rounder (we couldn’t resist, sorry!) As car seats come, Joie has really pushed this one out with increased safety features built into one of their most stylish designs yet.

If you’re unfamiliar with i-Size, in essence it means that it has been tested for front, rear and side impact and this particular chair has been rated with one of the highest safety standards in Europe for added safety and peace of mind.

This i-Size chair is a Group 0+/1 that means it is suitable for babies from birth to roughly four years of age so has good longevity.  

Fitting the chair is easy thanks to the step-by-step instructions and the handy guidance located throughout the chair prompts as you go through the process.  The ISOFIX nature of the seat means that the chair can be easily switched from car to car utilising the secure base fitting making it a quick and easy process so highly recommend if that’s a common requirement in the family.


One key USP for the i-Spin 360 is the swivel. It is very easy to operate, glides smoothly and can be turned full circle one-handed.  Instead of navigating this button from beneath the chair, the swivel handle is conveniently located on both sides for easier access and improved control.  

The swivel locks into position at the set points, forward and rearward facing, with the 90 degree settings to easily place your child in and out the vehicle.  This enables you to fit your child into the seat without having to stretch your body round and provides improved vision so you can see front on that the harness is correctly fitted.

Children up to 76cm or 15 months should be rear facing in line with UK regulations and the seat can be locked to this position, a handy feature if other people are using the chair and unfamiliar with the rules. Larger children using this seat then have the choice between the two settings; however research recommends extended rearward positioning for improved safety.


The seat is well padded, slightly more than its predecessor the i-Spin, and is comfortable with a removable newborn insert for a soft, chunky cushioning for smaller babies.  Removal of the insert leaves a deep and spacious car seat for your growing toddler.

All the chair’s fabrics are removable and machine washable, perfect for giving it a new lease of life throughout those four years of use.

A five-point harness is fairly standard in most chairs of this quality, and this is true to form but with a nifty little extra.  The two metallic buckles that affix together can be stowed away in side pockets while not in use.  While that may sound like a fiddly extra, during the summer months when the car heats up, it protects the exposed metal buckles from overheating and subsequently prevents any uncomfortable direct contact with baby’s skin at high temperatures. 

The straps work really easily, they extend by pushing in the seat belt adjustor button and then to tighten the straps, it just requires a light tug unlike many other chairs where you are using force to tighten the straps from the shoulder point.

The Joie i-Spin 360 also features a fantastic recline.  With six positions available in both rearward and forward facing settings, there’s a good choice to optimise comfort and desired visibility for your little one.


In addition to a wrath of safety features such as the enforced headrest and surround safety protection, we really liked the side impact protection element.  It pops out once you have secured the car seat through the buckle. This is a small panel to the side of the chair that remains extended only to the side closest to the car door. It provides additional protection in the event of a collision with this taking the first level of bearing before the casing of the seat itself comes into play. 

Need to Know

The Joie i-Spin 360 is priced £280.  For more information and to locate a local retailer, visit