Owlet Monitor Duo

Owlet is one of the newest baby monitors to the market, and the great thing about new tech is that it features some great new things picking up where others have often dropped the ball.

Owlet Monitor Duo is actually based on two products that can be purchased separately or as a bundle with each working independently if you don’t want to go for the full package.  The system of two halves comprises of the Owlet Smart Sock and Owlet Cam. 

Owlet Smart Sock

The sock is created to monitor baby’s essential stats during sleep by wrapping it around the foot covering it similarly to a sock but with some Velcro so they can’t kick it off as they’re so prone to doing! The box includes three sizes to keep up with the growing shape and size of your baby so that there are no concerns with outgrowing the technology before they reach the recommended 0-18 month age bracket of use.  

The system tracks heart rate, oxygen levels and monitors the sleep pattern which tracks and records to build up a bigger picture of your baby’s trends over time.

The system relies on something known as ‘pulse oximetry’, a non-invasive, clinically proven method that tracks the amount of oxygen in the blood similar to those used in hospitals when baby is born to measure how well oxygen is being transmitted to different parts of the body.

There are no wires or a cables meaning it is completely safe to use.  The sock links to a base station via Bluetooth, a small unit that omits something akin to a traffic light system to visually provide parents with the comfort that it is set up correctly and baby is ok.  Any issues with positioning or baby’s stats and it will alert using noise and sound activation.  All other data is transmitted via Wi-Fi to the companion app from the base station.

Owlet Cam

The Cam is a live streaming camera.  Its high definition picture, 1080p, spans a wide 130 degrees providing a beautiful, crystal clear view during the day and a very good night vision.  It also provides a temperature gauge so parents can make any adjustments necessary throughout the day. 

It streams direct to your smartphone, a handy feature if one parent is away or perhaps date night calls for a babysitter so you can check in while away from the home.  It can also run in the background of your phone so you can hear any stirring or noises while using other functionality removing the need to be staring at the screen all night long.  

The camera also has two way audio, which is again transmitted over an encrypted Wi-Fi connection, so that you can attempt to soothe baby without having to physically disturb them.

Owlet App

The app, available for download on your smartphone, is the really interesting part! It’s a really strong app – easy to navigate and filled with lots of ‘How To’ videos and articles to ensure you are getting the most out of the system.  You can also utilise the app as an all-round tracker to learn about your child’s milestones, and create a profile to record more about your baby as they grow.  While there are many similar apps available, this is well presented and there’s something appealing about having everything together in one handy location. 

Tech geeks will love the level of insight it provides to understanding the data from the Owlet system.  Between the two systems, you get live, in-depth readings which build as historic data where you can monitor ongoing trends in sleep patterns.  

Each item works excellently as a stand-alone so if you don’t need both then you can always purchase separately.  Together as the Monitor Duo they provide one of the highest levels of reassurance for parents and security for baby.  Yes, it’s not a budget buy but for those seeking peace of mind allowing them to relax, or to better understand their baby’s sleep pattern, it is a worthwhile investment.

The Owlet Cam is priced £149, the Owlet Smart Sock is priced £269 and the Owlet Monitor Duo (Cam and Smart Sock) is priced £379.  For more information on the products and to purchase, visit