Little Kids

5 of the best sun creams

With the sun set to make a welcome return this week, whether you’re choosing to spend your summer at home or abroad, it is essential that sun creams are used not just on children, but the whole family.  It is a necessity that your sun protection has passed their SPF and UVA testing, but aside from that, there’s so much on offer so we pick out the top picks with some handy features to help you choose the best sun protection for you and your family.

Toddler – Ultrasun Kids SPF50+

There’s a common perception that all sun protection is good for all ages as long as you get the SPF right but in younger children’s skin isn’t mature enough to built up a natural defence against the sun’s rays unlike an adults.  

Celligent, a special ingredient in this Ultrasun protection, provides an additional layer of protection that helps to repair any UV-related damage by restoring the DNA.

Priced £30 from Waitrose

Coverage – NIVEA SUN Kids Suncream Roll-On SPF 50+

A fun way to engage children with the importance of sun safety and full body protection is with this sun cream that comes in two colours – pink and green – to highlight where the cream needs application.

The roll-on element makes application easy for little hands to get to grips with while maintaining quantity control for an even coverage across the body. 

Priced £5.49 from Superdrug

Swimming – Soltan Once Protect & Swim Spray SPF50

Water fun and swimming can often result in the need to constantly reapply sun protection, but this Soltan Once from Boots does exactly as it says on the tin with one good application set to effectively protect the body for up to 8 hours in dry conditions or up to 3 hours water resistance.   

Ideal for minimal fuss and with the added reassurance that it features the highest five-star UVA star rating.  

Priced £10 from Boots

Eco friendly – Scent Free Organic Children’s Sun Lotion SPF 30

With a fresh new design for this summer, Green People’s organic sun care range has successfully removed any nasties from its ingredients meaning there’s no harmful chemicals, parabens, silicones or any synthetic fragrances.  

The range is safe for the environment as the formula is reef safe and non-toxic to marine life, and also ideal for any skin sensitivities while maintaining a high UVA and UVB protection.

Priced £20 from

Babies – Skinnies Kids SPF50

New Zealand brand, Skinnies, is ideal for younger children from 3 months old as its gentle and non-allergenic.  Taking a slightly different format to sun protection, the formula isn’t water based and instead is a gel that features added ingredients of coconut oil and aloe extract that form a barrier on top of the skin rather than soaking in and drying the skin out leaving you with a good protection that leaves the skin moisturised and hydrated.

Priced £34.95 from