Little Kids

LifeStraw Play

Wherever this summer’s adventures are taking you, we always find a water bottle is a really practical item to have to hand. Better for the environment and your wallet than purchasing a plastic bottle of water, it’s a great multi-use product.

While there’s an abundance of choice out there, LifeStraw Play is the first water bottle with a filter designed specifically for kids.  This basically means that regardless of the quality of water input into the bottle, the two-stage filtration ensures that it safe and tasty drinking water.  

While it’s aimed at children, the bottles are handy for anyone to use; you may have spotted the bottles used in the BBC programme, Race Across the World, by the contestants as they travelled across South America highlighting the benefits they bring to young and old.

The filtration system omits bacteria and parasites, chemicals and micro plastics ensuring the water is cleaner and much safer to drink.  The dual filter features a membrane that removes all the harmful nasties hiding in water while the carbon and ion exchange filter improves the taste and odours found in water.

This is ideal for improving the water if you live in an area with known impurities, or perhaps if you’re travelling abroad and need to filter the tap water.

The 10oz bottle is well made from a hard, durable plastic that is safe to use and BPA-free.  Once you remove the filter it can be washed safely in a dishwasher.

In addition to the filter, another great feature is the leak free nature of the bottle.  Having experienced several water bottles that have leaked and ruined the children’s books and soaked clothes in their school bags, the guarantee on the leakage is an added confidence in the design. 

The chunky screw cap secures tightly and is comfortable for little hands to tighten securely thanks to the ridged edges for easy traction for tightening and loosing the seal.

The LifeStraw Play bottle is a practical water bottle that noticeably improves the quality and taste of water.

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