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Introducing the Spots & Stripes collection

If you’re parents to tweens and teens that are ready to start embracing skincare products and fall in that in-between age where they’re too old for baby products, but the skin isn’t mature enough for adult products, then Spots & Stripes could be just the answer.

Created by mum of two and ex beauty editor, Charlotte-Anne Fidler, the range is a skin and hair care collection that boasts the gentile properties often found in kids’ products, such as natural, ethically sourced ingredients with no parabens; yet has all the rigour to really deal with commonly-found issues such as greasy roots or sweaty armpits on a hot summers day.

By honing in on this active age group, the effective products give kids the confidence and wellbeing in their bodies as they transition through to adulthood.

The range includes a selection of bath & shower gels; shampoos; conditioners; moisturisers; spot zappers; deodorants; hair wax and mood sprays.

Ever expanding, Spots & Stripes has also just introduced a new Hand Cleansing Spray that is 99% natural containing a killer combination of alcohol and tea tree oil to kill all nasties on the skin then leave the hands smelling refreshed and feeling moisturised.

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