Yummikeys Teething Set

With all the best toys in the world, your child will likely prefer your set of keys to that of anything they own!  Avoid the panic and expense of lost house or car keys with Yummikeys, a stainless steel teething set designed especially for babies, that also goes a long way in helping to keep little mouths clean and healthy.

The pains of teething can be hard to overcome and while there’s no magic wand, a teething ring can help to relieve some of the soreness felt by your child.

Yummikeys are made using high quality 100% stainless steel, the same as found in cutlery, to ensure a good level of safety and hygiene.  This means they can also be thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher.  The steel also provides a cooling effect that helps to relieve the soreness when gums become inflamed, especially if you pop it into the fridge for additional cooling benefits.

The grooves and animal shapes carved into the keys enable little ones to bite down and chew to effectively target different hot spots that may flare up during the teething process, while the BPA-free silicone beads add some colour and a fun element of play to the set.

In addition to being a great teether, unlike many plastic toys that end up in landfill Yummikeys is a sustainable and stylish option that is built on the ethos of sustainability.  The product itself is 70% recycled steel with zero plastic and is presented in recyclable packaging.

The Yummikeys Stainless Steel Teething Set is priced £24.50.  To find out more about more, visit