Amawrap Baby Sling

Decent bits of baby kit don’t have to come with a big price tag as we recently found when we tested out the Amawrap baby carrier.

The Amawrap carrier is an easy to wear, fabric sling that comes with none of the belts, buckles or straps frequently found in many baby carriers on the market.

Taking it right back to the basics of baby wearing, the Amawrap has simplicity at the core relying on a single piece of fabric to safely bring together parent and child.

Similar to the baby wearing styles favoured in African and Indian countries, it promotes a close hold bringing the opportunity to strengthen that special, intimate bond while being hands free.

Like many things, at the start you need to invest time in to learning the art of the wrap, but once you have mastered it, it’s really quick and easy to do time and time again. The website features a handy short video and inside the box is a clear step by step guide that helps parents to navigate the ties and showcase the different positions.

The 100% cotton material specially created by Amawrap is strong with just enough flex and breathability to support both baby and parent. The crafting of Amawrap’s unique fabric ensures it can only stretch vertically ensuring it provides support and stretch as you customise it to your body, but not enough to result in any sagging or loosening of the material.

The wrap provides a handful of secure positions that all effectively support baby with a focus on head support, healthy hips and legs.  Nursing mothers can also discreetly breastfeed while wearing the sling, a handy feature when out and about.

The one size fits all nature of the wrap means you customise the material to fit the wearer’s body, not the other way round, so it is fully customisable and comfortable with no elements digging into the body.

The sling folds down compactly and can be easily stored in a baby change bag when not in use.  For any spills or accidents, it can be popped straight into a 40 degree wash for freshening up, and when not being used as a sling the material can double up as a muslin cloth, soft blanket or feeding cover. 

For babies that love to be close, this is a great option as it’s meant to be worn close to the parent’s face and forward facing so you can maintain regular eye and close contact at all times. 

The sling comes in an array of wonderful earthy colours and vibrant prints (all made with baby-safe natural dyes) so check out their website to see the full range.  The Amawrap Baby Wrap Sling is suitable for babies from 5lb up to 33lb priced from £39.99. For more information, visit