Babybjorn Bouncer

Building on the success of the iconic Bouncer, Babybjorn has introduced the Bouncer with Extra Fabric Seat, which ultimately means you have two chairs for the price of one!

Taking it back to the Babybjorn Bouncer, it’s a fantastic baby chair for rest or play.  Featuring a simple design, the chair ergonomically provides suitable support to baby’s body from birth up to the age of around two years.

It not only looks stylish with its streamlined design and chic colouring, but it’s a really practical baby and toddler chair as well.  The high quality fabric adopts a hammock-like structure that cocoons baby making them feel safe and secure, particularly important for those younger months when babies like to feel more enclosed.  

Three recline positions – play, rest and sleep –each provide a staggered incline to support each given activity and can be discreetly altered by a clip under the seat while your child is sat in the bouncer.

For babies that love to bounce, there’s lots of flex in the springy design to independently gather a rocking motion, which is great for self-soothing.  For younger babies, parents can give it a little bounce by hand with the vibrations continuing that soothing notion.  Responding to baby’s movements, heavier and more enthusiastic babies will delight in the fun that can be gathered too, especially with the addition of the toy arch that can be purchased as an add on!

For security, the chair has a three-point harness that is secured around baby’s middle.  Along with the gravity element, this fits snug to ensure there are no escapees!

A great feature of this chair is the fold flat element.  Ideal for storage and even better for travel, the lightweight frame and compact folder make it easy to move around the home or to be taken away from the home. 

Extra Fabric Seat

The cotton material that encases the lightweight frame is super soft and snug, but ultimately like many things, can be prone to spills and accidents.  

The fabric cover can easily be removed and popped into the washing machine at 40 degrees for an immediate refresh.  

Coming into it’s own, having a backup second seat cover ensures parents don’t have to be without the chair during any wash/dry period.  If the cooler weather means drying takes longer, or you simply just want to have a break, relieving the turnover pressure is a nice little extra to make life a little less pressured.

The Babybjorn Bouncer with Extra Fabric Seat is available in the gorgeous colours of light grey, charcoal and dove blue priced £208.98.  For more information and to purchase, visit