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Beauty brand, NESSA, launch new gift sets

Organic beauty brand, NESSA, has bought together some of it’s best loved products to form two beautiful gift sets that make beautiful treats to the women in your life.

The two sets, Self Love Crystal and Fit For a Queen, target different areas but utilise their hero products to not just heal maternal bodies but also offer a little indulgence.

Self Love Crystal Gift Set

This set is focused on rejuvenation.  Ideal for new mothers it includes the cult moisturising Nipple SOS, collagen boosting Vagina Victory Oil, and two crystals. Crystal Quartz is known for its healing properties, while Rose Quatz is the universal stone of love. Celebrities such as Katy Perry are known to sleep with the crystals as it is advised to keep them close to absorb the energies from them.

Fit For A Queen Gift Set

Indulge with a little luxury with this set that includes NESSA’s Nipple SOS and Crowning Glory plus a new vegan silky scrunchie.  Crowning Glory Hair & Scalp Oil is a fab product that works gets to work on your hair and scale to hydrate hormonal strands of hair and enrich the scalp with a much-needed injection of vitamins, natural collagen and omegas.

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