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Elvie launch two new breastfeeding products

Elvie, the brand behind the popular kegal trainer and revolutionary breast pump, have today announced the launch of two new products, the Elvie Curve and Elvie Catch.

Both in support of breastfeedig, the Curve and Catch are two great additions to the Elvie collection, which are focused on supporting and helping materal bodies to function and recover effectively post pregnancy.

Elvie Curve

The Elvie Curve is a soft silicone breast pump that looks like a little pocket.  Designed to be worn in-bra, it uses a natural suction to gently express milk whenever breasts feel full or during let-down while feeding or pumping on the other breast. 

Effortless to use, the Elvie Curve can capture up to 4oz of milk making it ideal for mums wanting to express milk while they breastfeed so that no valuable milk goes to waste when they let down.

The Curve is dishwasher safe, BPA-free and made with food grade silicone to keep them safe to use, and easy to keep clean.

Elvie Catch

Elvie Catch, as the name suggests, is a set of two, discreet milk collection cups with slip-proof security to help prevent leaks. Elvie Catch is especially beneficial for women who experience heavy leaking, or for women earlier in their breastfeeding journey who have not yet established a feeding rhythm and are still in the leaky phase. 

Similiarly to a breast pad, Elvie Catch sits inside the bra and afixes over the nipple.  The natural breast-shape and flex allow it to sit comfortable and discreetly.  Fortunately there’s no suction or any mechanics; as long as the bra holds snugly to the body it can hold up to 1oz of milk per side. 

Unlike a breast pad, Elvie Catch will capture those precious drops of liquid gold – meaning you can use them if you’d like to to top up a feed, or perhaps even in your baby’s bath, as long as the milk has been safely stored.

Founded in 2013, Elvie is one of the newer brands in the baby market, but has really been making waves pairing technology with innovative products that aim to improve women’s health.  The Elvie Curve is priced £49.99 and the Elvie Catch is priced £29.99

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