Joie Roomie Glide

It’s hot season for new products in the baby world, and the latest brand to roll out some fantastic new bits of kit is Joie with this innovative variation of its popular bedside crib, called the Roomie Glide.

We managed to get our hands on the new Roomie Glide to see if it was as easy to use as it sounds!

Bedside cribs have grown in popularity over the past couple of years.  The close proximity to parents holds many bonding and practical benefits from being able to quickly settle or nurse baby, to having that familial scent close by for additional comfort to your little one. 

It is an alien concept for a baby to be placed down in an empty space and can make them uncomfortable.  While they have been growing and developing inside the stomach, they are accustomed to white noise and movement which is where bedside cribs such as the Roomie Glide can really help with the transition. 

Opening the box, everything comes in a good-sized travel bag.  The bag itself makes it great for holidays or storage when you’ve finished with the product.

The Roomie Glide impressively does take less than five minutes to assemble. You simply raise two horizontal bars to the underside of the top, followed by two vertical bars for the required structure and support that lock in on opposite ends to give it the safety and security.  Afterwards, you pop two sidebars on, secure the fabric sides and as a stand-alone cot it is good to go!  It really is that easy!

The base is compiled of three poles and this allows you to change the height of the crib as a whole unit or alternatively at either end.  The five different angled positions are useful to support cases of reflux, colic, and digestion.  

The Roomie Glide can be used as a standalone crib or bedside crib.  To transform it to a bedside crib, it has to be tied to an adult’s bed via a pocket on each side that exposes a clip to affix two straps that traverse your bed.  The straps are plenty long enough to accommodate most beds, including divans and box-style beds; you just need to ensure you align the height of the crib to that of your bed.

Mesh on the two longer sides and lower section of each end allow good 360 degree air flow, a prominent feature on newer cribs.

The mattress, for a bedside crib, is great quality.  At over an inch thick of foam, it is nice and permeable and includes a strong, fabric cover that can be removed for washing.  Additional Roomie Glide cotton sheets can also be purchased in a pack of two for a perfect fit.

One of the key differences between the Roomie and Roomie Glide is in the name – two buttons on the side of the crib activate a very smooth motion that can help to soothe baby.  This is optional and the crib can be stabilised at any time.  Contrary to popular belief, rocking a younger baby won’t set a pattern for their future, and intermittent rocking can promote a healthy sleep along with coping mechanisms to support. 

Made of aluminium, it’s fairly light which in turn makes it easy to transfer around the house and very portable at just over 7kg.  The four wheels help to support movement around the home that can then be locked to ease any issues with unnecessary sliding around.

Another benefit of bedside cribs is to introduce a natural progression from baby to toddler.  As your child gets bigger, it can be important to make a gradual transition. With the Roomie Glide, parents can put the side up to revert to a stand-alone crib to create more distance yet baby still feels comforted as parents remain close by.  Adding that slight distance helps with the transition to their own room and it has been proven that the feeling of closeness and safety assists with sustaining longer periods of sleep.

The Roomie Glide is a fantastic new product that is easy to use, boasts lots of adjustable features and has lots of benefits to mother and baby with it being so conducive to helping babies develop essential life long sleep skills 

The Roomie Glide is available in a dove grey or cream colour and priced £169.  For more information and to see Joie’s full range, visit