Perfect Prep Machine

It’s some ungodly hour in the middle of the night, your baby wakes you screaming and the one thing they need at that moment in time is a bottle of milk to fill their little tummy and help them (and you!) fall back to sleep.

Trouble is, safely making a fresh bottle of formula milk can be a lengthy process. It is important that the powder formula is mixed at heat to ensure it is safe for baby to drink, but then the cooling process can take some time.  By then, baby can often have worked themselves up getting hot and bothered, parents are frustrated as they pace the kitchen just waiting for the milk to cool; and not forgetting that by now the entire household are all wide awake banishing hopes of a resume to calmer routines.

One of the first pioneers to break this midnight cycle was Tommee Tippee with the revolutionary Perfect Prep machine. Delivering up a freshly made bottle of ready-to-drink formula milk in less than two minutes, it has been the ultimate game changer.

So, how does it work?

A lot of the preparation with the machine can be set up beforehand, including the cleaning, filling the water and ensuring all the settings match up to your requirements, such as bottle size.  Once you’re good to go, the water goes through a filtration system that removes any impurities providing a good quality water to accompany the formula.  A hot shot of this water is added to the formula (you can use any brand) that kills any bacteria, and then is topped up with cooler water to serve it up at the perfect temperature for immediate consumption. 

The system itself is really easy to use.  An initial clean of the system is required, however after that you are set to go. The big button on the top is your go-to and then the system kicks into action.  Parents can use any brand of bottles or formula with the system so you have the flexibility to stick with your child’s favourite brand, a great feature for the system.

Lots of lights and noise alerts parents to any issues, such as low water supply or filter changes, along with notifications once the bottle is ready.

The Perfect Prep is a fairly attractive piece of kit as far as baby gear goes.  Sleek and modern, it could easily be mistaken for a coffee machine or other kitchen gadget, especially in the stylish black colourway.  This means it won’t look too conspicuous in a contemporary kitchen and instead holds it own on the kitchen worktop.

Tommee Tippee’s Perfect Prep is all about the convenience and ease; especially during those nighttime feeds.   Yes, it’s a luxurious item that could be done with a kettle and thermometer, however that 15 minutes vs. a matter of seconds has the ability to soothe a household immediately.

The Perfect Prep Machine is currently priced £75 from   

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