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3 of the best Diversity & Inclusion books for children

It can be hard to know how to raise the subject of diversity and inclusion with your child, but in light of everything happening around the globe there’s really no better time than now.

Whether you are hoping for your kids to create change, instil the assertion that all lives matter, or just want to showcase how beautiful and diverse people are, then reading is a wonderful way to engage young minds.  

Engaging and reading books that represent a variety of skin colours, religions, cultures and abilities can support in a better understanding and subsequently, a more positive attitude towards these differences.

Unsure of where to start, we have selected three great children’s books that celebrate diversity.

This Book is Anti-Racist

If there ever was a truer tale of judging a book by its cover then surely this has to be it?! This New York Times bestseller beholds a real responsibility in opening up the reality of today and supporting children with lots of hints and tips on how to actively be anti-racist and set the future generations up for success.  Drawing on the origins of racism, bringing to light the today and opening up the possibilities of the future, it’s an inspiring read not just for children, but a decent page-turner for adults too as the core basics never change regardless of age.

I Am Not A Label

This beautifully illustrated book explores disability and mental health drawing upon famous faces and the struggles they have encountered, and importantly, overcome within their successful lifetimes.  From artists, musicians, and athletes, the inspiring biographies not only educate but also inspire the reader.

Young, Gifted and Black

It’s hard to not sing as you read those words!  Discover 52 black legends from past and present as the words captivate the journeys of a diverse collection of notable black individuals from trailblazers, popular culture figureheads and leaders. Young, Gifted and Black is such a positive book of colour representation that will easily enthuse children.

Don’t stop now! If this lowdown has only just whet your appetite, check out to explore more of their fantastic range of diversity and inclusion books great for children of all ages.