Graco Extend Car Seat

The purchase of baby gear can seem a never-ending expense. Having had three children myself, the purchase of a car seat has always been a long considered choice, but also a very costly one. Being a two car family and then having the support of grandparents, it can feel a little like a swap shop with the constant pain of changing car seats, or worse still, regularly forking out for additional chairs for everyone to have a set within their car.

Graco has identified this area with the recent introduction of brand new car seat, the Extend, providing fantastic value for money.

The Graco Extend is a rear and forward facing Group 0+/1 chair that will see a child from birth up to approx. 4 years.  At a very reasonable £70 price tag, it’s a great option if you’re looking at a lower budget or need a second seat.


The chair affixes via a seat belt installation. Threading it through the marked areas and locking it in with the coloured clips, it’s a simple and relatively quick and easy process to safely secure the seat.  Keeping it simple also makes it very handy for minimal fuss when moving from car to car.

The chair can be safely used rear facing until your child grows out the seat, or if parents and baby prefer a forward facing position, the chair can be re-fitted in this direction from around nine month.


For the price, I had expected the core basics in terms of safety yet it definitely delivers above and beyond this.  Built in to the headrest, the Extend features sufficient side impact protection along with sufficient wrap around protection from the extended support built into the wider frame.


As the chair spans a potential four-year shelf life taking your child from a tiny newborn up to a large preschooler, the adjustable features align the chair well with that of your growing child.

Flexible features such as the four recline positions provide a good variation to not only effectively support your child at different points within their development, but to appeal to their preferences and comfort levels. The baby recline with the newborn insert, while not lie flat, provides an excellent arch for a very comfortable resting positioning.


The chair is well made and looks good.  There’s lots of padding for a good cushioning and we found it to be very comfortable across the age bracket.  The black/grey outer material can be removed and cleaned in the washing machine while the dark colour is super handy for minimising any obvious marks as well!

The Graco Extend is a very practical car seat and a great choice if you’re on a budget or perhaps looking for a second chair for grandparents.  It doesn’t include all the features on some of the more advanced Group 0+/1 chairs, but it’s not trying to disguise itself as something of this level.  If you’re after something that is travel system compatible, has a 360-degree swivel and perhaps an ISOFIX connector, then there’s plenty on the market that will meet your needs; but for core safety, comfort and a decent quality car seat all at a fab price then this is a fantastic option.

The Graco Extend is priced £70.  For more information and to purchase, visit