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One of the good things to come out of the madness that is 2020 is the opportunity it has bought to break away from normality.  For some this has been learning a new skill, spending quality time with loved ones or going back to basics without the disruptions of everyday life.

Taking the opportunity to embrace all of the above, we recently discovered Spanish company, We Are Knitters.  Knitting has had a resurgence in recent years with more avant-garde designs and styles featuring heavily on social media.

The great thing about knitting is that unbeknown to many, it beholds several health benefits including the reduction of stress – apparently the rhythmic motions of the needles promote calmness and wellbeing – and it cleverly trains the brain with the different patterns and calculations.  Knitting has also become quite the social activity, and prior to lockdown knitting parties have been popping up across the country over the past couple of years.

We Are Knitters is a great website to visit for all your knitting needs.  From a beginner through to an expert, the website is jam-packed with handy videos, oodles of information and our new fave, knitting kits that include everything you need to start and complete a project.

The knitting kits include all the essentials to kick-start your love affair with knitting and produce a stylish garment such as a jumper, blanket, hat or snood. The pattern, threads and all the equipment (knitting needles, swing needle, label) are included to make the creation.

We Are Knitters recently launched some brand new kits specifically for kids back over the summer.  Available in some fab bold colours, the new range is ideal for introducing children to knitting.  The chunky threads and simpler snood designs provide a fantastic opportunity to either learn a new skill together or to introduce this rewarding skill from parent to child. 

The website naturally guides you towards a kit suitable for your individual level of knitting expertise.  The kits are fully customisable, and opting for an Up in the Air Blanket Kit, we could select from over 20 different coloured yarns to produce a unique creation.  The patterns are even available in multiple languages and there’s a range of different needles dependant upon your preference.

Sustainability is also high priority for We Are Knitters. The yarn is all 100% natural fibres ethically sourced in Peru, and you won’t find any plastic needles or equipment. The bag is also reusable and recyclable.  All of this added to the growing concerns with fast fashion and it’s an excellent viable way to expand your wardrobe.

While we aren’t au fait with knitting, it was fun (and maybe a little challenging at times!) to work with my little helper through the pattern.  The instructions are clear to follow and once you grasp the stitches, and can start to see it coming together, it can become quite addictive.

The finished product was a beautifully soft blanket that made a gift even more special knowing we had worked hard together to create something so stunning.  

For more information and to browse the full range of We Are Knitters products, visit

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