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One Hundred Steps: The Story of Captain Sir Tom Moore

One of the heroes to come out of lockdown earlier this year had to be Captain Tom Moore, the man that walked 100 laps of his garden during the peak of the pandemic and managed to capture the heart of the nation at the same time.

While Captain Tom has been bought to attention for his enormous charity efforts for the NHS during recent times, his history is fascinating and a new book, One Hundred Steps, brings to life more of his early childhood, WWII and of course his present day efforts that continue to give back to his country.

Beautifully illustrated, it makes a fascinating read for youngsters with lots of words of wisdom from Captain Sir Tom himself that offers up messages of family, togetherness and importantly, hope.

Captain Sir Tom said: “When I was doing my walk, I had so many wonderful messages from young children telling me to keep going and doing their own challenges. They inspired me. The first step is always the hardest, but unless you take that first step, you’ll never finish. I hope that children love this book. I hope grandparents read it to them. I hope parents share the message with their children. With the future in their hands, tomorrow will be a good day.”

One Hundred Steps is available now in hardback priced £12.99. For more information, please visit