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Owlet unveil third generation Smart Sock

Owlet are excited to announce some pretty big changes with regards to its award winning Smart Sock product. Now in the third edition, the baby brand has listened closely to feedback to make improvements to the wonder product.  

Check back to our earlier review of the Owlet Smart Sock and Monitor Duo, but in essence, the Smart Sock cleverly records oxygen levels and tracks baby’s heart rate, a feature that provides much-needed assurance to parents. 

The latest version of the sock, known as the Smart Sock 3, has been redesigned so that there’s more flex in the size.  It is now suitable for smaller/preemie babies and also at the opposite end of the scale, it can be used longer and is secure on larger babies widening the scope from 5lbs up to 30lbs.

The tracking frequency has also been improved so that the heart rate and oxygen now tracks at 97%.

The final edit has improved the user experience with the wireless charge now delivering a fully charged Smart Sock in an impressive 90 minutes and this full charge will deliver a battery life of 16 hours.  An extended Bluetooth range and snooze function on the base station also provides more flexibility with how parents interact with the system.

Owlet’s Head of UK, Seema Sehgal, said:  “We care about keeping every baby safe and every parent sane. Parents of newborns should be able to sleep soundly knowing their baby is okay. We designed the Smart Sock to help parents get their life and freedom back. Since the launch of our very first Smart Sock, we have tracked over 600,000 babies and more than one million parents have trusted Owlet with helping them keep their babies safe.”

The third generation Smart Sock is available for £289 or £389 for a Duo pack with the Owlet Camera at Amazon