Little Kids

Tweens Christmas Gift Guide

Our round up of all the best buys ahead of the festive season for 8-12 year olds…

LG XBOOM Go PL2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker

This powerful speaker packs a punch withMeridian Audio Technology to offer up a fantastic sound to accompany any audio books or music on the move. Weather proof and with up to 10 hours of battery life, it’s an ideal gift for any music lover to stay connected wherever they are.  The speaker is available in three funky colours – mint blue, bubble gum pink and sour yellow.  Priced £49 from AO.

Hobbycraft Dusky Pink Midi Sewing Machine

Slow fashion and the sustainable clothing industry has taken pride of place this year more than ever so to encourage from a younger age, this mechanical sewing machine is the gift that keeps on giving.  Hobbycraft has a wide range of commercial sewing machines, including a line for beginners that introduce budding young fashionistas to the world of stitching.  Compact with simple layout that’s easy to operate, this one is perfect to indulge their artistic side.  Priced £50 from Hobbycraft.

Longway Adam Mini Stunt Scooter

If your child is keen to start developing some tricks, this scooter is a great starter scooter for beginners.  It looks slick and is very sturdy with a smooth bottom of the deck, which makes it great for grinding with decent smoothness for all their stunts! Available in a cool black, green or red colour option.  Priced £76.95 from

Kindle Kids Edition

Now onto its 10thedition, the Kindle Kids is a stylish e-book reader for children.  Solely focused on reading with no advertisements or distractions, it opens up a world of texts and has lots of extras to enhance a child’s reading experience such as built in dictionary, achievement badges and bookmarks.  The Kindle Kids also includes a year free of Amazon Kids+, a library filled with thousands of popular titles and series, including Harry Potter, Geek Girl, all available free of charge. Priced £99.99 from Amazon.

P For Pizza

Surely it’s just not Christmas unless there’s a family game in the mix (with hopefully no fall outs!) and we think this game is perfect for the festive season.  It’s a quick thinking game that requires players to link a work with a given letter and category for the chance to win a piece of their own pizza slice in a bid to become the fastest player with a complete slice! Priced £12.99 from

VTech Kidi Super Star DJ

While concerts and singing might be at a standstill outside the home, have a little fun and get your kids being creative by mixing their own music.  The microphone and karaoke set up is only the start of the process; young DJs can work in sound effects and music before adding colour changing disco lights that quite literally dance along to the beat. Entertaining and one that everyone can get involved with!  Priced £49.99 from Smyths. 

Oreo Dairy Milk Selection Box

Because big kids are NEVER too old for chocolate! This new Oreo selection box contains four slaps of delicious-ness with the original Dairy Milk bars and twists on the glass and a half with Oreo biscuit.  Priced £5.00 from Tesco.

Atlas of Record-Breaking Adventures 

It’s always nice to get stuck into a good book over the holiday season and this huge hardback book is a beautifully illustrated collaboration of wondrous sights and amazing events from across he globe.  The great thing about this book is the unique learnings that will engrain in little minds and open up so many future possibilities. Priced £20 from Amazon.

PAC-MAM Tamagotchu deluxe

For us old’uns it may come as a surprise that PAC-MAN is celebrating its 40th birthday!  Fortunately, it has continued to reinvent and still has quite the cult following today! The digital game sees the Tamagotchi grow and develop into different characters as your child cares and plays with it.  Priced £19.99 from Game.