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Aura Carver Frame

Rounding off a year when being parted from your nearest and dearest means more than perhaps ever before, Aura’s latest digital frame is a thoughtful gift that will ease the separation struggles. 

Aura frames are a premium digital photo offering that beautifully present all those wonderful memories captured on camera within the home, something we are all guilty of not doing enough of.

The newest addition to the Aura family, Carver, aims to reunite families with memories of good times and stay connected with loved ones thanks to enhanced remote capabilities.

Not just any ordinary digital photo frame, the Carver features a landscape 10” flat screen that uses smart technology to perfectly position and align your photos.  Presenting them individually or side by side, the Carver pairs up complementary images using artificial intelligence that results in the element of surprise. Photos can rotate and change as frequently as you wish.

A slim touch bar on the top of the frame also enables you to retrieve further details of the display photo, delete or move on to another image for immediate control. 

On the high definition screen you won’t find any pixilation with a sharp image featuring colours that emit life with vibrant, natural hues.  The screen also features a sensor that intuitively adjusts the screen brightness accordingly, including turning the screen off once a room goes completely dark.

Managing the photos is done remotely through the Aura companion app. Available for iOS and Android, once set with an account this can be shared with family and friends so that photos from your photo library can be added in addition to those from a close group of people you choose.

Unlike many of the original photo frames that were clunky, ugly and powered by long wires that looked messy, the Carver is an attractive frame with a contemporary and sleek design that sits comfortably on a flat surface in any modern home.

The Carver requires a Wi-Fi connection for its cloud storage (no subscription fees or charges) that can host unlimited photo storage and can be linked with Google Assist and Amazon Alexa fitting perfectly into smart homes 

The Aura Carver is priced £188.65 from