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Savyll alcohol-free cocktails

Christmas time can be a tricky one to navigate if you’re the designated driver, a mum to be or just not one for alcohol, yet skipping the alcohol doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the fun.

Savyll cocktails are a great non-alcoholic alternative to some of the most popular cocktail combinations.  Say goodbye to orange juices and cokes, Savyll, meaning to be savoured by all, are a delightfully flvaoursome ready mixed cocktail.  Each of Savyll’s six flavours arecarefully crafted using a unique blend of natural ingredients to recreate the refined flavours that premium cocktails bring.

Making a great gift this Chirstmas, they have launched a choice of 4-bottle gift boxes, £12.99, featuring their four best selling varieties – bellini, gin and tonic, Moscow mule and mojito.  Alternatively you can browse their full collection and choose your own flavours to complete a gift box.

In addition to being alcohol free, the range prides itself on it’s health properties.  All the cocktails are vegan-friendly, gluten free and free from any listed allergens and artificial sweeteners meaning they’re a great natural beverage option.

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