Introducing NapNap

It’s always intriguing to see what the next gadget or baby product will be, and this one is super exciting offering something completely new and unique to the market.

Launched late last year in the UK is the NapNap sleep mat.  Unlike any other baby/play mat, this one is focused more on the element of calm and relaxation with an innovative vibration that gently ripples through the mat to soothe baby along with calming white noise.

While NapNap is new to the UK, the product is recommended by paediatricians and is already used in neonatal departments around the world. Research and science is at the forefront of the NapNap design, which is bought to life through meticulous engineering. As a result, a safer and calmer sleep is promoted to babies, including those that typically struggle with routines. 

Recreating the environment of the womb with soft vibrations and white noise, this familiarity is important to provide a safe environment to baby.  It has also been proven to calm anxiety, decrease crying and encourage a deeper and longer slumber.  

The innovative product features six different modes of vibration to allow you to find the right comfort mode for your baby, including one just for mum to ease achy bodies – a great idea for use during pregnancy that can also captures a mother’s scent to increase the bonding experience once baby is born. 

NapNap mats can be used similarly to other baby mats – compact and lightweight it can be placed around the home, including on the base of a crib, or rolled away and popped into the change bag for on-the-go usage.

The mat includes a rechargeable battery that takes just two hours to power up and can then last up to 15 days, handy if you’re planning a two-week break away from home!

The NapNap is completely safe to use for you and your baby with no cords or exposed elements.  It can also be easily cleaned with a waterproof interior should there be any leaks or spills and the super-soft 100% organic cotton cover can be easily removed, and machine washed.

NapNap is available in four gorgeous colours – pink, yellow, aquamarine and white.  NapNap mats are priced £120 from