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New smart thermometer launched in the UK

I’m not sure there’s ever been more of an appropriate time to have a thermometer to hand than during the last year. Yes, we all get poorly, and they are almost part of the core essential baby kit, but with the spread of a global virus, sales have sky rocketed as families have clambered to ensure there’s a thermometer in the home to keep check of the whole family.

One brand that has made its foray mid pandemic is Celsium and they couldn’t be timelier.  Celsium is a new family thermometer that utilises a small censor that is held against an armpit to detect an accurate reading that is recorded on a companion app.

Cleverly, there’s no double or triple checking as the sensor records repeatedly while held next to the skin ensuring it is accurate, notifying you if there’s any discrepancies.  

The medical-grade thermometer records body temperature (also known as core temperature) in this way to eliminate the conflicting skin temperature, which often takes local environment into account, ensuring that you are obtaining a reading that is up to ten times more reliable than standard thermometers.

The companion app is simple and straightforward to note and record readings from the non-invasive sensor.

The new Celsium thermometer is priced £70 and is available now from Amazon.  To find out more, visit