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Tommee Tippee Connected Sleep Trainer Clock

Sleep – the biggest subject debated when you have a baby!  Who is getting any? How much does baby sleep? At what age does your toddler sleep through the night???  In addition to being heavily discussed, it’s the one element that inevitably sets the mood for the day ahead.

A fantastic product to encourage good sleep by a toddler is the Tommee Tippee Sleep Trainer clock.  Many may be familiar with this product in its former guise – Tommee Tippee acquired the Gro Company – so the product was formerly known as the popular GroClock.

Fast-forward a couple of years and taking on the sleep trainer, Tommee Tippee has made it even better.

A novel concept, the clock cleverly supports children with understanding the time to wake and play.  Utilising colour coding, the clock will maintain a set hue for bedtime then a brighter secondary colour during daytime hours. This makes it easy should children wake in the night or during the early hours and trains them to adopt a routine without the skills to read a traditional clock.

The great thing about this updated sleep trainer is the customisation it enables.  Connecting the clock to your mobile phone via the companion app, not only enables you to remotely change the settings without needing to distract your child, but it also opens up a world of tailoring so parents and children together can pick any colour from the rainbow as brightly or dark as suitable before adding in a range of white noises and musical tunes.

The clock also features alarms, which is ideal for timing naps and trying to implement a regular sleep routine.

We all know of some of the pitfalls that arise from lack of sleep aside from general fatigue and tiredness however the benefits to children can sometimes be overlooked.  Through a good night’s sleep, this simple smartclock also helps to promote your child’s development alongside improved attention, learning, behavior and overall mental and physical health.

The Tommee Tippee Connected Sleep Trainer Clock is priced £49.99.  For more information and stockists, visit