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Ergobaby release Aerloom baby carrier

Just when we thought Ergobaby had covered all areas of babywearing, they have now released a new carrier, the Aerloom.  

Made predominantly from a premium FormaKnit fabric, the delightful thing about the Aerloom is that each carrier is made from recycled polyester. This carefully knotted material is not just eco friendly, but it also means that it is super light.

The material is a seamless fabric inspired by active wear designs that has been carefully machine-knitted to shape.  This process means that there’s less waste in the manufacturing process and the eco-conscious packaging provides a much lighter carbon footprint.

Similarly to an athlete donning their sports wear; the FormaKnit material has been selected with several properties that make it a great base material for a carrier. In addition to its super light weight coming in at less than1.5lb (wow!), the material is incredibly breathable with a clear air flow circulating through and around the material along with a lot of strong flex in the stretch to help obtain that optimal comfort level.

The Aerloom is suitable for newborn up to toddler age (approx. 7 to 35lbs) without the need for any inserts offering great value and longevity.  The choice of three carry positions provides a parent and world front carry or a back carry. 

The ergonomic design ensures that comfort for parent and baby are priority. An area that Ergobaby have perfected over the years, the Aerloom takes on some of the superlative features of its earlier models – padded shoulder straps and a chunky lumbar waistband that neatly hugs your middle.  Both these features can be altered to suit your body shape and size to evenly take the weight of your child without pulling or putting strain on weaker parts of your body.

For babies, the carrier promotes a hip-healthy “M” shape position that ensures babies are supported from knee to knee allowing for natural movement to support strong hip development.

The zip pocket is a great feature, also seen on the Omni 360 to lots of positive acclaim.  When you are choosing baby wearing over a pushchair/pram option, one of the reasons may be to declutter so this pocket is great for popping in your keys or mobile phone allowing you to truly be hands free.

The Aerloom baby carrier is available now priced £219.90 in Charcoal Black, alongside limited-edition colourways Light Grey, Sky Blue, Multicolour Black, and Burgundy & Teal. For more information and to purchase, visit