Ever find yourself falling into a food rut, consuming the same meals week in, week out and yearning for something new?

Delivering meal kits direct to your doorstep, Gousto not only provides everything you need to cook up a tasty and nutritious meal, but they also provide some much needed food inspiration to encourage you to get a little more creative in the kitchen.

The Gousto experience starts on their website – simply select your preferred delivery day (7 days of the week available) and whether you want meals for 2 or 4 people, then scroll through the mouth-watering recipes.  

Each recipe highlights the necessary prep and cooking time allowing you to select those that work for your personal setup.  From 10-minute meals to 1 hour, there’s an option for every level of ‘chef’.

The recipes rotate weekly with over 50 meat and fish dishes and a whole host of vegetarian and plant-based recipe options to choose between. 

Once you’ve selected your meals, the box of ingredients is delivered to your doorstep on your designated day with regular text updates to keep you informed throughout.

Unwrapping the box is the exciting bit – all the food is neatly packed and organised by recipe.  The chilled food is kept in an insulated compartment with cold source to keep the food at the correct temperature during transportation so there’s no need to worry your meat will be warm on delivery.

Everything you need for each recipe is pre-weighed and packaged which is so handy and cuts down on meal prep time.  We opted for four recipes – two from Joe Wicks’s range – Honey-Soy Salmon with brown rice and pak choi and Bangin’ BBQ Chicken & Spicy Sweetcorn Fritters.  Then two from the standard Gousto range – Smoky Lean Beef Enchiladas with Fresh Tomato Salsa and an All-in-One Beef Stifado Orzo Stew.

The great thing about Gousto has to be the simplicity.  A recipe card accompanies each dish, this is the most important part of the delivery so don’t lose it!  On the front it has a photo of the finished dish (presentation inspiration!) and all the ingredients you need to set aside, while the reverse has simple steps that use words and pictures to walk you through creation of the dish.  

While the boxes may feature dishes you’re unfamiliar with or contain meals that sound quite complex, the average eight steps are super simple and easy to follow.  Under my watchful eye, my 9-year-old daughter made two of the dishes solo, a great activity for an independent child.

The meals themselves use fresh ingredients, premium branded items and good quality meat all sourced from the UK.  Portions are generous and there’s a strong focus on nutrition and a balanced diet making it easy to eat well on all levels.

Gousto is a fantastic option if you’re looking to add some flair into your family meal times.  The meals were all delicious, full of flavours and texture to fulfil all the senses. 

Many of the recipes feature spices and sauces that aren’t your kitchen cupboard staples so it opens up the opportunity to sample new flavours without committing to the expense of purchasing all new full-sized ingredients.  The recipes also provide motivation to experiment and become more adventurous with home cooking.  The recipe cards can also be kept for replication and adaptation for future use.

Gousto meal box prices start from as little as £2.98 with free delivery making them a good value for money option.  For more information and to purchase, visit