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BONRAW™ introduce healthy sugar alternative

If you’re after a healthy alternative to sugar then we may well have just unearthed a little taste of magic!

BONRAW™ is taking on the global sugar heavyweights with an innovative natural offering that not only tastes great but also is good for the body eliminating standard refined sugars.  Founded by former Tate & Lyle employees, BONRAW™ is available in three varieties – Silverbirch, Panela and Coconut Blossom.

Each of the three options are designed to replace different sugars that are commonly found in the home.  Silverbirch is sourced from woody plants and is a suitable replacement for white sugar. Unlike many alternatives, it has the same consistency and texture as sugar and upon tastes leaves no bitter aftertaste.  At 40% less calories and higher nutritional benefits, it really is a no-brainer!

Panela is made from raw dried cane juice using traditional harvesting methods providing a huge contrast to highly processed modern day sugars. This is more of an all-round sugar alternative and can be blended between normal purposes of white and brown sugar for more of a smooth, caramelised aftertaste.

The final product, Coconut Blossom, is as the name suggests, made from the fresh sap of coconut blossom.  Recognised by the UN as the most sustainable sweetener in the world, it’s ideal for baking or cooking replacing brown sugar purposing.

All three of the products have strong eco properties that not only benefit the body but the world around us – from the organic certification, reduction of refining and bleaching and minimal processing to retain the natural vitamins. Better still, BONRAW™ is also vegan friendly.

BONRAW™ is available from Whole Food Markets, Waitrose and Holland & Barrett in fully recyclable 225g tubs priced from £3.