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Nimble introduce New Parents Gift Set

Plant-based cleaning brand, Nimble, has introduced the New Parents Gift Set to their range. The set features all five full-sized products from Nimble’s award-winning cleaning range, perfect for getting everything set ahead of a new arrival.

A practical present for friends and family (especially during current times), the box can be gifted face-to-face or ordered online for direct delivery to the front door. 

For those in the know, Nimble is a brand known for it’s eco-friendly cleaning products.  Recently approved by the Vegan Society, whether it’s washing clothes, cleaning surfaces or baby kit, all the products are free from any harmful ingredients and as effective as competitors for cutting through those common problem areas.

The box products include Laundry Lover, a non-bio detergent proven to remove stains; Cuddle Lover fabric softener; Sticky Stopper anti-bacterial spray; Nappy Lover targeted specifically at cleaning cloth nappies and hero product, Milk Buster, the go-to cleaning solution with the added bonus of a free Magic Wand cleaning brush!

The Nimble New Parent Gift Set is available now priced £30 from