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Vegan school shoes from Start-Rite

Things are starting to look up, and after a false start to the New Year, school students (and parents!) across the UK are preparing for back to school.  

If you’re despairing at your child’s sudden growth spurt since December, don’t worry you’re not alone!  Start-Rite Shoes has everything you need, physically and mentally, to get set for the return to school.

Fitting from home made easy

If you’re worried about the fit of their current school shoes, Start-Rite offers several fuss-free measuring at home options, particularly handy while non-essential shops remain closed. A plastic foot gauge, £10, is available in sizes small and large to provide an accurate measurement that you can use time and time again making ordering online super simple. Alternatively, the online paper measuring tool sets out easy step by step guidance for a quick calculation.  For more information and fitting advice, check out their website here

Vegan friendly School Shoes

Should you need new school shoes for the remainder of the academic year then we have fallen a little bit in love with Start-Rite Shoes’ new offering, its first Vegan School Shoe Collection.  As trends change and shoppers become more eco aware, Start-Rite Shoes have created a small collection of school shoes that offer the same high quality as it’s leather range, but with premium alternative materials for a excellent finish.

We managed to get our hands on a pair of the Brogue Pri, a more sophisticated style brogue, ideal for mature students. Most notably, you’d be hard pushed to find any difference in standard or appearance in the quality of Start-Rite’s leather ranges. Lightweight, breathable and very durable, they not only look great, but also are an incredibly practical footwear option that meets the growing needs for more conscious fabrics and material when it comes to clothing and footwear.  Start-Rite will be expanding their range later this year.  Check out the full Vegan collection here.  

Back to School advice from Dr. Julie Smith

From wearing masks and Covid tests, to getting used to different rules, the ‘new’ school day can be a daunting prospect.  Start-Rite together with leading Clinical Psychologist, Dr Julie Smith, have compiled some top tips offering advice on how to ease the transition back to school for both children and parents.

Dr. Julie Smith’s seven-point action plan:

1.       Make time. Set aside just ten minutes each day to talk with your child one to one and listen to anything your child may want to share. 

2.       Validate their feelings. If your child does express worries and anxiety about school, validate that by letting them know that you are listening and not attempting to correct or dismiss how they feel.

3.       Normalise.  Reflect that many children will be feeling this way and that it is understandable and normal. Big changes can trigger big feelings. That is ok. 

4.       The feeling is temporary.  New things often feel scary at first. Let your child know that the anxious feeling does calm over time, once they get back into a routine.

5.       Help them find a focus.  If your child is anxious, guide them to focus on what they need to do. For example, say hi to your friends, hand up your bag, find a seat.

6.       Reassurance.  Make sure your child understands they only need to focus on following the rules and having fun being kids – it’s our job as a grown-up to worry about the virus.

7.       Be prepared.  Allow some extra time in the morning to help reduce everyone’s stress levels so everyone heads out the door with a positive mindset.

Competition to win pair of Start-Rite Vegan shoes

Congratulations to the winner of our competition – Nicola Sadler!

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