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Prams for Good Campaign launches

Earlier this month industry specialists came together to launch Prams for Good.  Prams for Good is an innovative recycling scheme that simply aims to match families in need with pre-loved prams and pushchairs.

How does the scheme work?

Prams for Good work with several industry partners to take back pushchairs that are in good condition from families, influencers, brands and celebrities, and re-distribute them via a network of independent nursery retailers to be gifting to families in need in the UK and abroad.

While the campaign is currently focused on direct collections, the hope is that there will be nationwide drop off and collection points for the pushchairs, for ultimate redistribution to local charities.

How will it help?

Approximately 14 million people currently live in poverty in the UK, including 4.2 million children – that’s one in every four children who do not have the essentials available to them to live..

The campaign will bring together brands, nursery retailers, trade and consumer media, parents, celebrities and influencers to ‘each do their bit’ to help alleviate three main issues:

1. To help poverty-stricken families in the UK and abroad

2. Improve physical, mental ad emotional health, and aid bonding with baby, by giving parents a pram they can use to get outdoors with their child every day.

3. To work towards a greener planet.

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