Lovevery Play Gym

From the moment you take your newborn home from hospital, you just want to offer your little one the best start in life. A play gym is a fantastic safe space for little ones to stimulate their minds and bodies as one of the first forays into learning how to play.

Lovevery is a brand new and fantastic choice for a play gym. Yes, it does have a slightly higher price point, but we’ve checked it out and had a play and can confirm it is definitely worth it.

Lovevery play gym is aimed to take your baby through the first year of their life. Designed following extensive research by child development experts, it has five sections that target different areas of the developing brain to support rest, play and importantly, development.


Aesthetically, it looks (and is!) incredibly well made using premium fabrics and materials. A strong beach wood frame sits over a large and padded base.  All of the materials are sustainable sourced so there’s no single-use plastic or nasties, and everything that comes in to contact with baby has been rigorously tested and is completely safe. 


The base features five areas that open up one by one to prevent over stimulation.  Each revealed colour zone features lots of fun extras with removable baby-tested accessories, perfect for the element of surprise, whether that’s the wooden teething ring, cotton teether, or black and white interchangeable cards.

Each component is carefully included to target all the skills babies need to develop in that first year of life including fine motor skills, cognitive development and coordination.  It’s really about organic learning and we liked that with the absence of the all-singing play gyms with the compulsory lights and sounds, that this play gym really encourages parents to introduce the different sections to their baby bit by bit as and when they are ready to effectively teach them how to engage with the different elements.

It provides hours of play and stimulation to support baby to focus, explore colours and discover, but when the zones are concealed, it is a soft, clear space for baby to rest. 

The frame also can be covered with the inclusion of a cover that transforms the structure into a beautiful den.  For baby, this visually is a game changer as it delicately provides a whole new experience that paves the way for creativity and imaginative role-play in the following years.

Play Guide

The Play Guide, included in the box, is a really useful support booklet that gives an insight from the experts in to the design and benefits for baby to keep parents informed and provide the support as your baby grows and develops.

The Lovevery Play Gym is priced £140 and available from