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Nutty Bruce Plant-Based Almond Milk

You may not be familiar with them yet but Nutty Bruce is making a foray in the alternative milk world.  As the trend continues to grow for non-dairy alternatives, Nutty Bruce’s range of plant-based nut milks is quickly growing in popularity.

Unlike some other plant milks, Nutty Bruce contains no nasties, which is great when considering younger kids. This means no thickeners, gums, preservatives, colours, stabilisers, nut pastes or added oils. Nutty Bruce’s trio of milks are made of organic ingredients with a unique activation process that results in a creamy, thick milk that doesn’t separate.

The range includes:

Activated Almond M*lk is created using four simple, natural ingredients – whole organic activated almonds, filtered water, organic brown rice and sea salt. It’s that simple.

Activated Almond & Coconut M*lk is filtered water, organic coconut, organic brown rice, activated organic almonds and sea salt.  

Oaty Bruce Oaty Bruce Unsweetened Oat M*lk is a thick and creamy plant-based alternative createdwith just two natural ingredients – filtered water and organic whole grain oats. 

All the products are available nationwide at Sainsbury’s.