Ergobaby Metro+

Holidays are back on, well kind of, maybe, ok, we’ll wait and see!  Whether you’re planning a local break or holding out for a summer trip abroad, travelling anywhere with a little one can often mean a lot of advanced planning and bits of baby kit.

The Metro+ stroller from Ergobaby is a fab new go-to stroller this summer for all your travel needs.  Delivering comfort and convenience without compromise, the Metro+ is a lightweight compact stroller that is ideal to take on your travels.

In a growing market of travel strollers, Ergobaby have picked up where some of their competitors and their own predecessor left off…

For us, where it really excels is with the chair design.  Rather than a one-size-fits-all, it’s been carefully designed with improved ergonomics making it more of a deeper seat that provides additional comfort and snugness, something the flatter-structured strollers have skipped.  For this reason, it’s a better option for smaller babies as it naturally provides a greater support.  In addition, the near flat recline (175 degrees) provides a good range of flexibility, again making it better for younger children without any accessory add-ons.

When it comes to practicality with travel, it won’t let you down. Slim and streamlined, it has all the best bits of the Metro.  Weight wise, the stroller is less than 8kg and the compact fold of 54 cm x 44 cm x 25 cm, delivers on suitable sizing for easy transportation in a jam-packed car boot or it can be perfectly stowed away in an airplane overhead locker.

New and Improved

Moving away slightly from the recent introduction of compact travel strollers, the Metro+ has a couple of defining features that helps position it ahead of the game. First up is that it is car seat compatible, a huge step forward in opening up day to day use effectively by tapping in to the travel system territory. By pushing down on the side clips, you can traverse between a car and stroller seamlessly; a great plus for those moments when you don’t want to distrub baby napping.

The second distinguishing feature is the improved push. The light frame has enough rigor to take on a range of terrains thanks to the advanced, sturdy suspension and robust, puncture-free rubber tyres. It doesn’t compete with the steer of larger travel systems but performs well and is comfortable to steer.

Kudos also has to go to the plus-sized shopping basket to the rear.  The deeper basket provides oodles more space for all your gear, keeping it neat and tidy stashed safely away.


The Metro+ can also be accessorized with a colour-pop sunshade add on.  These are currently available in a yellow and rose colourway and provide a fun splash of vibrancy to tailor the design to your lifestyle.

Ergobaby’s Metro+ is a wonderful addition to the stroller lineup. It blurs the lines between compact stroller and travel system thereby offering a blended offering to parents that want the compact convenience making it suitable for travel or city living, but with several benefits from a travel system offering.

The Metro+ is available in Slate Grey and Black priced £299.  For more information, visit