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Nuna TRES lx

Oooh, we love a product with a purpose and the new Nuna TRES lx is coming in strong. Billed as the only car seat you’ll ever need for your child is a tall order, but they have done it – birth right the way up to 12 years.

Say goodbye to the hours spent pouring over car seat reviews, calculating sizes, funding multiple chair and trying to get your head round installing yet another new car seat! Nuna’s latest offering, the TRES lx, is the only car seat you’ll ever need.

A Group 0+/1/2/3 car seat all in one, it smacks longevity with a quality that will truly withstand the elongated test of time. The innovative Nuna TRES lx promises to closely follow the development of your child from those early days until they’re ready to transition out of a car seat.

What really impressed us is that the car seat looks a completely different chair in baby vs older child mode, a sign that the car seat is designed specifically for the different size and weight of the child, rather than trying to force a one size fits all design to the child.

The chair traverses between rearward and front facing following the guidance of extended rear facing up to four years followed by front facing up to 12 years or 135cm tall.


The safety needs of a newborn are very different to that of a near-teen so reviewing the safety elements with the TRES lx, they came through prominently with several coming into their own as the chair evolves as each child grows.

The seat itself is installed with ISO connectors that lock and anchor the chair into the car for maximum security. 

For additional reassurance the chair is also fitted with a red belt guide to offer a stress-free buckle-up that guarantees little ones are comfy and safe at all times.

A key feature of the chair is the detachable side impact protection.  The additional layer provides added defence that absorbs the impact of side and rear crashes and rebounds in frontal crashes, which in turn helps to prevent serious head trauma.

The headrest also features additional padding that curves protectively around the head to provide comfort and strong protection. 

Nuna TRES lx


In starter setup, the included infant insert is reminiscent of Nuna’s PRYM with a snug cocoon that safely and securely protects baby.  The cushioning is made from Merino wool that is breathable and supports thermo-regulating properties to help maintain a comfortable temperature.

As they grow, the insert is removed and the height is adjusted simply with a one-handed clip that allows you to select between and impressive ten different positions enabling you to find the sweet spot for your child.  With each height adjustment, the width cleverly also expands out providing a supportive yet breathable and comfortable space for your child to sit.

For recline positions, it offers two rearward facing and four forward facing options. This is a change from many of its competitors, but a welcome step forward and a great feature for longer journeys for kids that simply like to sleep or sit further back for added comfort on the move.


Nuna are well versed with car seats since their foray into the baby market in 2007, with premium fabrics, high quality materials and leading safety technology. These features have helped the brand to carve out a position as a premium brand and all of the above is prevalent in the TRES lx.

The Nuna TRES lx is priced £300 from