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Joie i-Trillo lx

Joie has launched an updated version of the Trillo car seat in the form of the i-Trillo lx.  The i-Trillo lx is a Group 2/3 car seat (suitable for approx. 4-12 years) and is a fab budget buy coming in at a very wallet-friendly £99.  That’s just over £10 a year, excellent value for money!

Boasting the same range of features as the much-loved Trillo and then some, the i-Trillo lx provides lots of flex and increased safety elements and weighing in at just over 4kg, it’s also a good option to switch up between multiple vehicles.


This car seat is very versatile, something that’s really import when it spans such a wide age range effectively taking your child from pre-schooler up to teen. Helpfully, the car seat grows effectively in line with your child with 10 height settings that allow you to pinpoint the exact height for your child through the years for the safest fit.  Better still, Joie have kept things simple and easy so there’s no resetting or hooking up of any straps, it’s a one-handed smooth motion lift that clicks into place at each setting.

If space is an issue, the slim line nature of the chair, even with two drinks holders, means that you can comfortably feature three of these chairs in the rear of your car, or provide adequate space for any older children without them being squashed up against an oversized car seat.


The new i-Trillo now meets i-Size regs meaning it’s even safer and secure for your precious cargo. Easy to install via simple ISOSAFE connectors, it locks into the car anchor points for a secure fitting. Adjustable Guard Surround Safety panels are a welcome addition – technology that provides additional side impact protection to the head, body and hips in the event of an accident.  We also found this feature kept the seat belt in optimal position.


With a car seat covering up to eight years of use per child, it has to be a good fit so in addition to the flexibility it offers, it ticks the box as a comfortable chair thanks to the spongy memory foam cushion.  The cushion and padded armrests are covered in a breathable, plush material making it easy for your child to sit back and relax in comfort.  


We started the review touching on the price point and think it’s probably where we should conclude it. Where many of the i-Trillo lx competitors are easily offering a price point above and beyond, we felt it a sturdy car seat with strong safety features.  It isn’t all singing and dancing so if you want recline options and width adjustments then it won’t meet all your needs but for safety and comfort, look no further than this chair.

The Joie i-Trillo lx is priced £99 from